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New batch of free-form selected items November 17, 2010

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They seem to popular on Google. Well, here are some more. A smaller batch this time.

One again, all photos where taken / edited by me. I don’t want the copyright, so I’m releasing them as public domain. (Without any guarantees…)


Links September 15, 2010

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Some links to helpful resource sites. Not always public domain, but still with liberal licenses:


Free Vista buttons in different colors September 10, 2010

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Here are some free Vista-style buttons. Public domain, use then as you like.


Some old adventure game resources August 19, 2010

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Some resources of my old (DOS) adventure game Mänick Mänschion, obviously a parody of… ah, I think you’ll guess. The game is already freeware, you can download it here (Note: It’s in German).

Now I’ve decided to release the images as public domain, too. (Without any guarantees…) As I said it’s old (still 320×200 times), but if you can use the images in any way, feel free to do so.

You can download the graphics here. (Sorry, it’s stored as docx, because I can’t upload zip files here. But the docx includes the zip.) Please don’t expect too much. It was painted by me. And I’m a developer. Not a graphic artist.

The game’s inventory:


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